Day 45 – St. Ives to Land’s End


So this is the part where I jump for joy, do backflips, and get a much deserved fanfare for finally bringing this journey to a close. I woke up at 4:30 am to get out on the trail as soon as possible. It was still dark when I arrived at the coastal path, but thankfully no rain and no backpack to slow me down – which made me feel as if I could have run the entire way to Land’s End. However, celebrations started a little bit early and I might have had 1 too many pints of Guinness last night. I felt more than a bit ratty this morning, but there is nothing like a fresh sea breeze to cure the tie-one-on flu. 

There were very few walkers on the trail today, due mostly I believe to the high winds. The trail up until about Zennor is very hard going, and near impossible had it been raining. There’s nothing worse than walking on slick, rain-drenched rock. After reading a few blogs about this stretch I can understand why most opt to road walk around it. From there it was a mixture of roads and paths, but pretty easy going. 

By the time I reached the signpost, the Land’s End Visitor Centre was swarming with tourists. After a quick selfie there was only one thing left to do, and that was to buy a sew-on patch for my fleece to sit below the one from John O’Groats. 

I had already done my research last night and picked out the roads I would cut across to lessen the journey by about 6 miles, but these bloody cows were holding up the road flow. I’m not brave enough to get in the way of bovines and their breakfast, so had to wait almost a half hour to get going again.Some lovely picturesque countryside, which brought me right back to where I started in John O’Groats. Amazing how similar it all seemed.The Geevor Tin Mine. It actually surprised me the queues of early tourists banging the gates down to get in. Who knew tin mines were so popular?Looking back along the coast from Sennon Cove.The first and last house in England, which also happens to be the first and last gift shop. 🙄And finally the last point in this journey. Unlike John O’Groats there is a photographer here, and the signpost is cordoned off. So rather than be held to ransom for the cost of a photo (rip-off), I took my own selfie, which is in line with the one I took in John O’Groats.Great Britain! …..conquered!

I will add another last ‘final thoughts’ entry to this blog as I have a few things I still want to cover, but for right now I’m gasping for another pint. Thank you all, so very much, for your support along the way. I’m glad I kept to writing a blog entry every day. Not only did it keep my sanity in check at times, but it was also a great comfort and will be great to look back on as I add more journeys in the future.

Gotta go, got a bus to catch!!!!! 😂