Day 43 – Perranporth to Porthtowan


If nothing else, there were plenty of interesting landmarks to take photos of along today’s stretch of the southwest coastal path. The sun peaked out at little intervals, but  the mild weather conditions were still pretty good for walking, with the exception of high winds on higher points along the coastline. Many families and daywalkers about today, but I’ve yet to encounter any other end-to-enders. I seem to get strange looks from other walkers. I would have thought this trail was usually rife with hikers doing the LEJOG/JOGLE route. I tend to experience many kamikaze walkers racing past me on this path, as if to prove something, but sooner or later I usually see them fall or take a bad turn, and I can only just sigh silently to myself at their recklessness, especially on these narrow trails. 

Ok so which is the official path and   which isn’t? I have to say the coastal trail is not very well marked and some paths take you dangerously close to the edge of the cliffs and then just drop off. With the high winds along the coast today I had to be extremely careful as it was not fenced off as it is along other, more defined portions.Some path markers are just plain redundant! There tend to be quite a few of these rock stacks along the coastal trail. The kid in me just wants to kick them down. 😬I’m not sure what this structure behind me used to be.  It’s not on the map and when I asked some locals they didn’t seem to know. There were some mining ruins close by (photos below) but not close enough to be relative it would seem.Wheal Coates and Towanroath Shaft, old tin mine ruins.My half way treat for the day. Hot chocolate with sprinkles. Ok, I’d only walked 6 miles but give me a break, I’ve just trekked across the whole country.

Porthtowan. You can see St. Ives if you zoom in on the far right. I think it’ll be the first destination I can see with the naked eye before I get I there.