Day 41 – Day Off (Newquay, Cornwall)


I’ve never seen anything more depressing than hundreds of holiday-makers wandering the streets of Newquay with nothing to do when the sun isn’t shining. Couples screaming at each other, kids crying, dogs yapping, stoners smiling. Everyone red as lobsters from the only day of sun they’ve had here in a long time it seems. I actually feel quite sorry for them. Working at sea affords you the luxury of a lot of time off, but when you have to cram your offtime into a week or two a year, and the weather is disastrous, you have to wait another year until that time off comes around again. 

I’ve think I’ve done something clever with my planning of my final days of this journey. I’ve worked out that I’ll make it to St. Ives in the next few days, so I’ve prebooked 2 days in a B&B. For the full day I have the room I will leave my bag at the hotel and walk the rest of the way to Land’s End, which should take most of the day, and take the bus back to St.Ives and celebrate! I started the first day of this walk doing the same thing, by leaving my bag in Wick, so it only seems fitting. 

Sadly, I have tried my best to find a campsite in the area but they all seem full to heaving, especially with all the festivals going on. 😢. You can barely get a B&B without being on standby, but I’ve been fortunate in that respect at least.

WWI & II memorial in Newquay

Nobody on the beach today. A lot of surfers and kids looking forlorn