Day 39 – Launceston to Port Isaac


Another long day, about 24 miles, but after doing a rough calculation I reckon I have under 100 miles left. This estimate includes projected road walks to cut off the unnecessary wide bends of the Cornish coastal path where I can lessen my mileage. If I have this figure correct I can significantly taper my walking down to about 16 miles per day over the next 6 days and still reach Land’s End under my target 46 day completion goal. If the sun ever comes out for a full day I’m throwing my body down on a beach. I have a tan that even a farmer would be ashamed of. 

Thankfully, the rain held off today and I was able to wear a t-shirt all day. With the heat my body generates at a good solid pace I don’t usually feel the cold until I stop for a rest. I had a bit more determination today, as compared to other ‘road’ walking days, because I knew it was going to be my last full day on tarmac. The heavy A395 road was somewhat unavoidable along today’s route. Even though there was usually a grassy verge to walk on, my speed is nowhere near that of walking on tarmac or a well-trodden path. Fortunately, I was able to plot a decent course in my GPS which involved a good selection of country roads, however with it being Saturday the traffic was not as quiet as on a typical weekday. Actually, the only good thing about holiday traffic is that you’ll always get someone doing the speed limit, which backs up traffic. Sometimes it’s like walking through a parking lot. 

I have been meaning to have a little rant about something I’ve noticed which happens on the road quite often, apart from finding a disproportionate amount of underwear on its verges. Now, most of you know I don’t drive, so you might think I have no right to judge, but I can’t, for the life of me, understand why drivers choose to overtake another vehicle right before a tight bend in the road. It just defies all logic to me. I imagine either the motorist is a gambler and likes to take chances with their lives, or simply has a death wish.  Case in point: a truck carrying a trailer full of fuel powers ahead of a lorry literally within seconds of the bend. The lorry, ironically, is also carrying fuel. A car coming the opposite direction could have raced around that bend at any moment… any moment! I just can’t get my head around it. But what makes it worse is that there are carloads full of families behind them. Every time I see this happen I want to jump into the bushes. It just churns my guts. I cannot imagine wanting to get somewhere so fast as to take risks like that. I have witnessed some pretty horrific near misses during this journey that are seared onto my memory, thankfully they were a hair’s breadth close and not fatal. 

I have taken notes of all the roads I have walked along and will enter them into BaseCamp (the Garmin GPS tracking software) when I can again access my laptop and insert the plots – for no other reason than to get my overall total mileage. 
 The beautiful and stunning sunny Cornish coastline. This was my reward today after slugging it out on the road. What a beauty!