Day 38 – Okehampton to Launceston


The Two Castles Trail. Apart from the rain, which was pretty much all day, again, I thoroughly enjoyed this walk. It covered 24 miles from Okehampton to Launceston. It covered many different regions: pastureland, woodland, moors, fields and dense forest. And due to the fact the trail was constantly taking you through countryside, farms/fields, and towns, it never became dull. 

There is an online .pdf leaflet that describes the whole walk in detail, but in parts, especially the ‘public right of way’ areas, the directions are very ambiguous. Again I have to sing the praises of the Ordinance Survey 1:25 map chip I bought for my GPS, as it has all the national trails installed as well as details the most insignificant toepath. At one point, having made two incorrect turns and climbing up the same hill twice at different turns, I decided to switch exclusively to the GPS and it stayed true. I highly recommend this walk if you are in Devon. It really far exceeded my expectations. Now, if we could just do something about this rain so I can, at least, wild camp again. 

View over a road that I didn’t have to walk today. Overjoyed, though just looking at this photo makes my skin crawl. 

Just some shots taken along the route.

Parts of this walk really gets you up close and personal with the locals.

Some of them just stop and stare though.

I stayed at the Eagle House Hotel last night. Great last minute deal. Looks posher outside than in. 

Launceston, Cornwall.