Day 36 – Taunton to Tiverton


Rain, rain, go away, *#&!ing come back another day! Ok, so, if you have been living under a rock you’ll not have noticed it’s been raining every single bloody day lately. It was chucking it down in Taunton this morning, which at least allowed me the opportunity to dress appropriately. Full waterproof gear and even the Sealskinz gloves came on. 

Fortunately today I had the opportunity to walk the Grand Western Canal all the way to Tiverton, which meant no roads. Even with the constant downpour my mood actually lightened a lot because the paths were pretty much desserted and I could put down some excellent mileage on a carefully tended route. Once I’d walked the first 10 miles the rain started to taper off and I was able to enjoy the walk which crossed counties from Somerset to Devon.  
My mood pretty apparent today! 

There be water under all that green muck! The canal walk was a much needed spirit lifter with all the natural beauty around and no HGVs to piss me off. Getting closer! Ain’t nothing better to make you walk that much quicker to get to your destination.

Damn, gonna miss the Muddifords Cheese Run again this year. 😂

First stop into Tiverton a gorgeous 17th century school

Lowman Green Clocktower in Tiverton. My hotel, The Twyford Inn just to the right.