Day 35 – Burnham-on-Sea to Taunton


Another walk down the old A38. It was extremely easy today, again with an urban footpath the entire way. Distance was about 20 miles.

I started out at 6am this morning and came to a few conclusions about my own walking physiology. I tend to make the most advances in mph during the morning hours, particularly before noon. I have more energy if I don’t eat breakfast – I’m not sure if this is due to my body feeling sluggish after eating due to digestion, but it makes sense. If I eat around 11am I don’t get hungry again until after I’ve arrived to my destination, around 6pm. If I get hungry I always have fruit or an energy bar in my pack, and for dire emergencies I still have my Kendal Mint Cake in a souvenir tin box. 

Now that I’m in Taunton I’ve come to a crossroads with many branching route options and I’m truly stuck with decisions. I really don’t know where to proceed from this point. Do I head north towards Barnstaple, or south towards Exeter? The most logical route would be to continue down the centre and head toward Tintagel via country roads – this route being the most favorable at this point which will allow me to wild camp again, although probably illegally. 

Nice ‘goodbye’ sign that could use a bit of a freshening up, but the message gets across.  

Early mornings always the best time to take photos of random rivers, but in reality it’s called King’s Sedgemoor Drain. Classy!

Ummm, some ducks! Just me trying to make this stretch seem remotely interesting. 

Bridgwater. What on earth happened to the ‘e’ in this little town?

Taunton town centre. 

Hotel in Taunton, The Castle. Rather pretentious but got a really good deal ( They didn’t quite agree with my appearance with a backpack, but there you go.

Romantic view from my room, but in reality….

….Behold, a Mecca Bingo!!