Day 34 – Clifton to Burnham-on-Sea


After such a lightweight day yesterday I was raring to go to cross the Clifton Suspension Bridge and get underway, however after about an hour I realised I was walking towards Weston-super-Mare. Oops 😖. Thankfully I soon found a connecting road on to the A38 which would take me to Burham-on-Sea.

I have to remind myself, on more than a few occasions, that my prime objective is to finish this walk in 46 days.  Cornwall, being my favorite part of Britain, was one of the reasons I chose to walk from North to South, as I knew I would want to lessen the mileage once I arrived in the west country and enjoy it as much as I could. Walking A and B roads, although inevitable in some parts of the country, is more of a means to an end. I pass dozens of scenic footpaths and routes along the way, but unfortunately the mileage it takes to go down those trails would take me further and further from my goal. I have made many notes to myself of places I’d like return to, if not just to walk the rambling routes around them. Had I three months to complete this journey I may have done just that.

The crappy weather we have been having has suppressed any disheartenment that I could have been walking in more scenic areas. I’ll be honest and say I haven’t really enjoyed the past few days due to the consistent rainfall. Thankfully I have many talking books with me, which makes the time fly by when all you have to look at is grey skies and wet fields. I’ve now listened to 5 books, 3 of them Star Wars based, so I can have my own little geek fest to keep my spirits high.

Another great walking path thanks to old faithful A38

Bleak skies over Burnham-on-Sea. I feel sorry for all the holiday makers here ready for a sunny summer vacation. Not my first choice of destinations, but it suits a purpose. 

Probably the only thing to do here when it’s pissing down. Most families were either huddled together in pubs or having a feed at the chippy. 

The Royal Clarence (under renovation), but it was a comfortable bed and a roof for the night.

Nicer weather as I left in the morning, but a passing local dog walker told me I’d need to put my jacket on soon as it was forecasted for torrential rain later. (sigh!)