Day 32 – Gloucestor to Alveston


Before leaving the Travelodge I checked my MET app for the updated weather report. I’d watched the weather on BBC news before passing out last night and recalled the weather girl reporting that, “Summer may return next week”. What the actual f#@k?  So there was no avoiding it. The rain was going to hammer it down for most of the afternoon. I had intended to carry on along the Severn Way to Bristol, but the thought of constantly walking through thick mud in the pouring rain didn’t appeal to me at all. I followed the way in the morning hours while it was still quite sunny and plesant. The path eventually ran parallel to a canal route and then crossed underneath the A430 which lead to a junction with the A38.  This was going to be a much more direct route, despite it being road walking again, but conditions would be better. Let it be said that this road gets 5 stars from me for it’s upkeep of the footpath that runs alongside it – how pathetic I’m now rating ‘A’ roads instead of countrside paths. 🙄 It did disappear now and then, mostly due to lack of use and overgrowth, but an all round good experience. There were plenty of towns with nice local pubs along the way to duck into when the heaven’s eventually opened up. 

Ye olde bus shelter – useful for when there is a flash biblical deluge