Day 29 – Stafford to Walsall


So today was pretty lightweight, only about 18 miles. I’m chomping at the bit now more than ever to get into the countryside, as opposed to all this walking through suburbs and inner city. Not to mention getting away from people staring at me looking like I’m about to conquer Everest whilst walking through council estates. Having arrived somewhat early-ish into Walsall I took a brief look in town, which made me walk just as fast out of town, and made my way to the Radisson Walsall just next to Bescot Stadium. 

I’d love it if there was anything of interest to show you photo wise, but there just wasn’t. The A34 was quiet. There was a footpath the entire way, except for a mile of grassy verge. At one point I even had a choice of the pedestrian path or the cycle path. I tell you, it was a thrill a minute.  Pretty blasé and uninspiring, but there you go.  

Big day tomorrow so I need some sleep in hopes of getting out early the morning to perhaps walk as much of the footpath route before the sun gets up and concentrate on the country roads that will get me to the Severn Way.