Day 26 -Wigan to Warrington


Another poncey walk today, only 12 miles, arriving in Warrington by noon. Tomorrow I am going to try and get to Crewe, which is about 25 miles, so the past few low mileage days will be good for the old legs before being abused again tomorrow.

Pretty much the same scenery today as yesterday. Most of the villages were joined up and connected with a continuous footpath, and, bloody hell, the sun was out all morning! Along the way I saw many late 19th century houses which were boarded up and on the market. These were real grande dame corner houses with big bay widows and lots of parlours. I could easily imagine what they would be like back in the day. 

The only village of note today was Newton-le-Willows. My first impression was not the greatest, as not one person I greeted said “hello” or “good morning”, and I even shaved this morning. But it did have an interesting history as a prominent medieval town along the same vein as Wigan and Preston, but over the years it digressed into a market town. 

Three Sisters sculpture outside Wigan

Again, the only nature shot I could manage

Ye olde mileage marker

These are the pristine walking corridors I rave about so much

A great piece of historic architecture which now serves as a wine bar in Newton-le-Willows.

Only a portion of the reputed nine arched viaduct of Newton-le-Willows. Anything with a ‘le’ in it has to be pretentious.