Day 23 – Kendal to Lancaster


Today was probably one of the best days yet during this journey. I’d read about following the old ‘Lancaster Canal Trail’ all the way to Lancaster itself, but it would be 24 miles instead of the 18 if I opted for the road route. With the option of ‘no traffic’, it was a no brainer. It took awhile to find the actual connection in Kendal. I assumed it would have started at the riverside but the beginning of the walk was a route along the ‘old’ canal, which no longer exists, so it started up in the forest. The trail was well marked most of the way, with the exception of some signposts lost behind over growth and others I missed being far too busy tra-lah-lahing through the forest. There were quite a few public right of way toe paths through famer’s fields, which resulted in scaring the bejeezus out of some cows and sheep – loads of fun for me, though. And just when you were over dodging enormous, sloppy cow patties, an old canal bridge would just pop up out of nowhere in the middle of a field. 

The trail started off innocent enough, but …..

….soon after had you hacking through overgrowth…ok maybe not hacking but I like to think I’m an intrepid adventurer

Just a few of the old canal bridges with no road or stream. I have a thing for old bridges, so this was a bit wow for me. 

This bridge obviously reserved for bovine traffic.

One in particular was just a bit curious at the orange jacketed pedestrian below.

The old Tewitfield Lock. I had to stretch my imagination somewhat to picture their placement in the canal system now surrounded by forest.

The last aqueduct into Lancaster.