Day 22 – Penrith to Kendal


Rubbish, rainy, foggy, bloody British weather!! The fog was so bad at one point after Shap Fell that I couldn’t see to the other side of the road, but fortunately with footpaths and wider carriage lanes being so prevalent along the A6 it hasn’t affected my walking speed. Without excess water and provisions stuffed into my backpack, it is much lighter, but still a tad heavier than I’d like.  My feet have been feeling fine, with the exception of the swollen ankle, which still has a niggling pain. 

The rest of the A6 to Kendal was pretty much road walking, but thankfully was wide enough to walk on the side with enough room for traffic to pass. Fortunately I was no longer walking paralell to the M6 so it was a bit more tranquil, except for being misrably wet. 

Really looking forward to tomorrow’s leg as I’m going to walk the canals from Kendal to Lancaster. From there, however, I’ll have to make a new route south as I haven’t quite made a plan yet. 

 So here lieth my history lesson for the day, and the only time I could get my iPhone out during the rain to take a snap. Apparently, the Skirmish at Clifton Moor took place between forces of the British Hanovarian goverment and Jacobite rebels on the 19th December 1745. With the commander of British forces, the Duke of Cumberland being aware of the Jacobite presence in Derby the Jacobite leader Prince Charles Edward Stuart decided to retreat north back towards Scotland. 

Heading into Lake District now. I had planned to walk a bit more through the area but it would take me completely off my schedule, so, another time perhaps. 

The lovely little town of Kendal, of Kendal Mint Cake fame. Need to buy some before I leave.