Day 21 – Carlisle to Penrith


Only an 18 mile day today, and this is due to the weather tonight and tomorrow...rain, of course. I would have walked as far as Shap but didn’t fancy camping in the rain tonight. 

The walk today was extremely pleasant through farmlands and due to the fact it was predominantly dry and warm weather. For most of the journey there were footpaths running along the A6, and when they stopped intermittently there were flat-ish grassy verges to walk on, but the road was wide enough to walk on tarmac when the need arose. So all in all a good day on fresh legs, but tomorrow will be 26 miles so I thought to keep it simple today and start for Kendal early in the morning. Booking into the Foundry 34 hotel tonight in Penrith for a good night’s sleep….and maybe a few Guinness in town. 😬

Yesterday, in Carlisle, I mentioned to a group of walkers I’d met in the Griffin Pub, (being a fan of The Walking Dead this title doesn’t sound appropriate – but during the past few days it seems to fit well enough), that although I was resting my weary legs for the day, my toes and the balls of my feet were still numb. I can feel them, just, but the numbness doesn’t go away. From their collective experiences this is natural and oftentimes the feeling doesn’t come back anywhere from 6 to 9 months post walk. WTF? It seems the nerve endings recoil due to the constant pounding, but soon return. 

Yes, well this instilled so much confidence walking the A6

Much of the same walking environmemt and an olde worlde mileage marker

I have no idea who this is but it sounds like a sinister character from Sherlock Holmes. It was fixed onto a barn a few miles out of Penrith. 

…and I’m spent!