Day 18 – Elvanfoot to Lockerbie


Can’t say I have much to share on this leg. Fields, sheep, cows, trees. I find myself staring more at the road than the scenery as I forge ahead. I’m really chomping at the bit to get to the English border. Not necessarily because I’m bored with Scotland, quite on the contrary, but more that I’m ready for another milestone to get through to the next phase, England. My feet are feeling rather mangled and bruised at the moment after waking up ridiculously early to make as much gain on the road as I could today. I am feeling as if I’m pushing myself too hard and I will see how the ol’ tootsies feel tomorrow to make a decision on relaxing my mileage a bit. My plan B will be to stay over in Lockerbie and take the bus to Dumfries in the morning for a short visit and return back to Lockerbie in the afternoon and walk to Gretna Green, which is only 15 miles. 

Walking along roads is a bit soul destroying. You can’t really romanticize the experience, but it can also be viewed as a mental challenge, rather than the physical that I endured through the highlands. Thankfully I brought talking books with me. They really do make the time pass quickly and stop you from inventing songs in your head, subsequently embarrassing yourself when you sing them out loud. At the moment the new book on play is ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’ by George Orwell. 

Arriving in Lockerbie reminded me of the plane disaster in 1988. I remember clearly the day it happened and was surprised to notice there was no monument within the town, however I was soon to discover there is a memorial graveyard just outside of town. I did at first assume the monument in the photo below was a monument, but alas, it was a war memorial. 

Thankfully there was a room available at the Crown Hotel so was able to rest my injured soles. Still no bath – I think it will be cause for joyous celebration if I ever manage to get a few hours soak. 

WWII memorial in Lockerbie

I can’t seem to get away from them even when I’m in town.