Day 17 – Hamilton to Elvanfoot


After a sleepless night of listening to bottles smashing, lads brawling, and hearing every “see you, (add name here)” for hours on end outside my hotel window I was in a foul mood, and in not in a good mental place for walking along A roads again after such peaceful surroundings on the West Highland Way. It was clear I hadn’t walked far enough out of Glasgow to avoid knobheads. 

By the time I found the B7078 that I had read so much about, the walking became easier. The reason I chose this road is that it appears it used to be the old dual carriage road from Carlisle to Glasgow, dubbed the Old Carlisle Road. One side/lane of it has now been designated as a cycling/walking lane, which made walking a sheer pleasure after an hour on the less-than-ample shoulder on the first stretch of the road. During the Loch Lomond walk I experienced a sharp bend on my left ankle, which, fortunately, did not develop into a sprain, but just a swollen ankle. However, as soon as it starts to heal I always seem to misplace my foothold and it swells up again, especially on uneven track along A roads (sigh). The cycle lane was a welcome relief to walking on a slanted bank again. 

With all the wind farms about it was no surprise it was going to be, well, windy. So windy, in fact, I went @ss over tea kettle more than a few times. Thankfully there are some parts of the road which are divided by a thick growth of pines which saved myself embarrassment.  I knew the wind was going to be against me walking the north to south direction, but not this bad. By the time I reached Abington I trolled into the services a 1/2 mile out of town hoping the Days Inn would have accomodation for the night – but no joy there. 

I pressed on to Elvanfoot and found a sheltered spot under a grove of trees that I wasn’t completely convinced wouldn’t fall on top of me under high winds, but once I was snug in my sleeping bag I soon lost consciousness and left the rest to fate.