Day 9 – Alltsigh to Fort Augustus


I was up at the crack of dawn, about 6:30 am and thought to get on the trail again before it started filling up with daytrippers and the like. Before leaving my tent I had to take a quick peek outside for those rascal blighters, MIDGES. There were billions of them, so I dosed myself with Avon Skin so Soft and covered as much exposed skin as I could with clothing and emerged to fight the war as I packed up my tent. They still managed to pierce through my fly net and bite my face….ugh!

Today was an uphill-downhill battle as I took the high roads at every opportunity, and the views were stunning at every turn. With no traffic to contend with now, I was making good mileage and arrived at Invermoriston by noon. I stopped at the local shop (the only shop) and had a few hot pies and 2 very large coffees, as well as buying enough provisions to last me until Fort Augustus. I met a Irish lady named Janice who had been trailing me most of the way from Alltsigh. She was only walking the Great Glen herself, but had walked the Highland Way before so she shared a lot of tips. In fact everyone I have met seems to stop and share pointers and advice along the way. Best way to learn, I’d say.

I arrived at Fort Augustus a little past 6pm and had a huge fish and chip supper. My feet were allowing me to press on so I thought it better not to waste their good graces. Just as I was about to leave down the canal the heavens opened up. I really had no option but to sit in a pub and scoff 3 pints of Guinness while I waited for the shower to pass. By the time I got back on the trail I’d walked another 5 miles, but it was getting dark, so fortunately I found an informal tenting area to plonk myself down for the night, and only a few midges about. Best to rest up as much as possible now, Fort William is now 22 miles away and no shops around until I get there.