Day 7 – Inverness to Abriachan


I woke up at 7:30 am and since my check-out of the hotel wasn’t until noon I thought I would pop to Boots and see if I could find a heavy-duty insole to help my mangled feet, however a different solution made itself known. I walked past Black’s and a selection of hiking boots caught my eye in the window and that old familiar gut feeling told me my current pair and I were fated to part ways. After about an hour I found the perfect pair. They were like night and day compared to the others. On my way back to the hotel I stopped in at an Oxfam and donated my old pair. I certainly hope I didn’t pass my agony on to some poor, unfortunate soul. 

It was a short walk out of Inverness to the Great Glen Way and the sun was shining brightly so I was finally able to wear shorts and a t-shirt. I followed the route along the canal leading to Loch Ness and was so excited to be walking on a trail with no traffic and able to view the lush surrounding scenery that I completely missed my turnoff into the woods and ended up walking the A82 for a good 2 hours until I reached my accomodation for the night at the Loch Ness Clansman Hotel. With my feet feeling like they were walking on fluffy clouds instead of lead moon boots I was happy enough to rejoin the Great Glen Way the following morning. 

The Clansman was a good enough hotel, and with great service. It overlooked Loch Ness and seemed the place couples could escape for a dirty weekend, but not the type who are married to each other (wink, wink). It was tad bit old and dated; the type of hotel with colourful, generic oil paintings on the walls of identically sized dark wood frames and looking like they were painted by junior high school students. I had a few pints of Guinness, a few glasses of Cab Sav and a salmon dinner before retiring to bed to do my sewing (my walking poles had torn a hole in my waterproof backpack cover). Still no bath but one of the best power showers I had ever experienced in a hotel.

Most of the pics are self explanatory, but whilst I was walking a funny coincidence occured. Since I had forgotten to download music into the iTunes on my phone I was listening to a few seasons of Round the Horne, an old BBC serial comedy from the 60s. In particular I was listening to Julian and Sandy (Kenneth Williams). Anybody who’s heard the show will get it. Photo 5 is Inverness as I was leaving towards the Great Glen Way.