Day 0 (Part 2)


So I ran into my first hiccup today. It appears that because my train from Inverness to Wick was delayed by 12 minutes (due to another late train using the same track) this has completely upset the order of the Universe as we know it. And in response to this Scots Rail decided to unceremoniously kick everyone off at Helmsdale and run buses to Wick so our train could rush ahead to connect to a sleeper train. Bloody favoritism. Anyway I’m here now and have had to slightly modify my itinerary. I have decided I will keep my hotel room at the Breadalbane House Hotel for an extra night and take the 08:40 stagecoach to John O’Groats in the morning without my backpack. From there I’ll round Duncansby Head and walk back to Wick (17 miles) and head off on the A99 the next morning with my bag. (Baby steps)

The journey to Wick was very surreal indeed. Reality was forcibly setting in and if truth be known I was well and truly kaking myself. I felt like I had been strenuously studying for an exam for so long and all of a sudden I’d completely forgotten everything. I just stared blankly out the window for hours wondering why I was doing this. All the many reasons I held in earnest seemed to fail me. Though the Scottish countryside is robust and intimidating it is intensely beautiful, thankfully all the big woolly sheep crowding the hillsides seemed to soften the blow a bit. But now that I’m here that old familiar, dare I say, ‘traveller instinct’, is starting to kick in again and the trepidation is slowing becoming excitement, albeit a bit bipolar.