Day 0 (Part 1)


This blogging thing is all really quite new to me and wasn’t really something I thought I would be all that keen on committing myself to. This is all pretty much a learning experience on-the-fly and will now be exclusively sent from my phone and at the mercy of a 3G signal or the availability of a pub with wifi. More than a way to update my friends and colleagues it will be my daily journal throughout the entire journey. Even though I will write an account each day it may be that I cannot upload at the same frequency, so expect a few days at once, fingers crossed.

First of all I’d like to thank those that left comments on my first entry. I’m sure as the days go on, in paticular the first 2 weeks, those comments will help me push through the midge infested wilds of Scotland. Technically I start my walk tomorrow morning, so today I’ll consider it day zero. 

Last night I boarded the 21:15 Caledonian Sleeper train to Inverness. I treated myself to a first class solo cabin before facing weeks of ‘rough’ sleeping. The service was truly amazing even if the accomation was a bit worse for wear.  In true Scottish tradition I started this journey with a 12 year Macallan and a hot meal. The bed was very comfortable but unfortunately it felt like the driver forgot to put his ‘L’ plates on, as I was nearly thrown out of it at least 10 times with sudden braking, so not much sleep for me. 🙁